Scary Movies Involving Cars

There are actually all kinds of movies that people find particularly frightening. For some people it really is a movie about ghosts, the paranormal and haunted houses. Others get frightened by aliens and other beastly creatures coming to help you. For some the idea of being chased by a psychotic, maniacal killer can do just fine. There are also those that are scared by the basics of horror like vampires, zombies, demonic and werewolves possession. There is a special class of horror movies that preys on a different section – the cars that seem like they are out to get you. People get frightened by the idea of a machine seemingly having a mind of its own and trying to get people. Here a few of the scary movies involving cars that could up the creepy factor to suit your needs.

The Hearse – It seems to only sound right that a movie involving a hearse would have been a horror movie. This movie came out in 1980, right around when the height was returning to horror movies and slasher flicks. The premise of the movie is a young divorced woman moves into her recently deceased aunt’s home not knowing her aunt was deep into witchcraft and hated by the locals. Suddenly an extremely creepy old black hearse keeps turning up with an even creepier driver with it, menacing her with the movie. Like hearses were not creepy enough for many people, this movie takes it to the next level.


Christine – Originally a book written by the master of horror fiction, Stephen King, Christine became a movie in 1983, bringing to our lives the story of your nerdy guy that buys his dream car with all the intent of restoring it, only to find out that the car carries a mind of its own which is starting to influence him. The car eliminates anyone that gets in “her” strategy for being with her man. The automobile even will be able to regenerate itself so regardless if people make an effort to destroy it, it keeps coming back.


Jeepers Creepers – Though the main thrust of the movie requires the Creeper and the way he is out hunting for body parts to consume, the creepy truck that is used with the Creeper plays an important role inside the movie. When you see the truck coming you understand nothing good is going to happen and the way it is able to keep the look at its driver concealed only adds more to the terror of the movie. It even has a license plate that reads BEATNGU.


While there may not be a great deal of scary movies that involve cars in particular there are several out there that will make good consumption of vehicles to include in the scariness of the movie. Do you want to determine what is really scary though? Not needing a reliable car of your own to drive! It is time that you stopped messing around with that scary car you drive each day and move up to a thing that is better for you. You can find simply the car or truck that you desire when you have a look at The new and used cars you see for sale at are just what you should calm your nerves and provide you the smooth reliable ride you need minus the fear of maniacs, zombies and demons.