BMW E60 M5


The fourth generation of BMW’s mid-size super-sedan, E60 M5 was produced from 2005 until 2010. For drivers looking for real F1-inspired technology in a luxurious but reasonable package, E60 M5 remains the ideal choice. Beneath the car’s classy, understated exterior lies the fire-breathing heart of race car. The BMW’s 5.0-liter V-10 was developed using experience and expertise gained during the company’s tenure as engine supplier for the Sauber and Williams F1 teams. The high-revving power plant featured eight individual throttle bodies – just like a Formula 1 engine of that era – a lightweight aluminum block and a two-stage engine mapping computer, which reduced power output and fuel usage when not needed.

Buick’s Y-job – 1938


Buick came out together with the world’s first concept car in 1938: the Y-job. General Motors wanted to engage the public’s curiosity by showcasing new designs and technology, for example power electric windows, pop-up headlights, flush door handles, wraparound bumpers, and styling characteristics that Buick continued to use up until the mid-1950’s. Additionally, it introduced a vertical waterfall grille design, which Buick still uses today.

Pregnancy And Cravings – The Odd Things Women Can Crave When Pregnant

When you initially found out that the wife was pregnant and was going to use a baby you had been both overjoyed and could barely contain yourselves. While that a sense of joy is not going to change as being the pregnancy progresses, there are some things that could occur that may be unpleasant, unsettling or odd. Naturally there can be times where your wife feels morning sickness (which happens not simply in mornings you know) and there will be great mood swings that will occur. Another common occurrence you need to be ready for is that your wife may have some odd cravings for things she want while pregnant. Pregnancy can produce a pretty weird list of cravings so you have to be prepared for almost everything to happen.


Individuals are no longer shocked by the notion of women craving pickles or ice cream and even the two of them combined. Cravings of sweets are certainly no unusual thing at all and extremely nearly any sort of food product seems game for what your wife might crave. Even if it is an issue that she might, under normal circumstances, nothing like at all, like hot sauce, honey mustard, coleslaw or peanut butter, she may suddenly not be able to get enough of it. This often means you will be making runs to the grocery store or convenience store at all hours of the almost all the time, on your way home from work or on the weekends to make sure she has what she needs.


There are some women that find yourself having cravings for items that are not even food-related. The problem, commonly known as Pica, can be the consequence of number of factors involving psychological, physiological, cultural and chemical factors. There is some indication that it will be related to an iron deficiency but there is however nothing certain. When this does occur, it is really not uncommon in any way for women to crave stuff like dirt, soap, clay, chalk and talc baking soda, ashes, bubbles and many other considerations. Naturally ingesting any of the items can cause potential harm to the pregnant woman or even the baby so you do not desire to indulge these cravings. Instead you want to work together with your medical provider and come up with an alternatives and approach to these cravings.


The important thing to not forget regarding any kind of cravings your wife could have at this time is the fact that none of this can ever be considered to be abnormal. Normally just after the baby comes into the world these cravings go away and everything returns to normal. For now, you need to be ready to do plenty of running around and driving forth and back to acquire items. It is a good idea in the beginning in the pregnancy to make sure you use a safe and reliable car to change to during, before and after the child is born so you may want to take a look at what is offered at You can see your selection of new and used trucks and cars at so you can be sure to obtain something you can rely to work well for you. After this you will have the proper vehicle to obtain through take out drive thru lines, frozen goodies parlors and supermarkets easily.

Suzuki SX4 Crossover


Crossovers are usually known for being easy to drive and comfy, but not all crossovers hold the performance capabilities that are suitable for easy handling in winter weather. Suzuki SX4 Crossover stands out in a number of ways. It boasts a three-mode all wheel drive function that will ensure you are never left stranded when it snows. It also carries a spacious cabin. With a base price starting around $15,000, this is an affordable and completely functional vehicle.

Inside The Engine Compartment


1. Radiator Coolant

Check the coolant level from the transparent reservoir weekly. Ensure that the coolant is at the right level. Top up with the appropriate proportion of water and coolant as recommended by the coolant manufacturer. Caution! Let the engine cool for about 30 minutes before removing the radiator pressure cap.

2. Belts and Hoses

Inspect the belts and hoses every 90 days. If it’sglazed and worn, frayed or cracked, Belts and hoses should be replaced. If necessary, send your car to your qualified technician to have your belts and hoses replaced

3(i). Automatic Transmission Fluid

Check the transmission fluid monthly by eliminating the dipstick using the engine running. Top on top of the transmission fluid ideal for your car if possible. Do not overfill.

3(ii). Manual Transmission Fluid ( Clutch Fluid )

Most cars have transparent reservoirs for the clutch fluid. Check the level of the clutch fluid at the side of the reservoir. Top on top of the transmission fluid ideal for your car if possible. Do not overfill.

4. Engine Oil

Before starting the engine, look at the engine oil weekly. Take away the dipstick, wipe it clean, then insert it fully and remove it again to discover the level. Top up the engine oil with all the type appropriate for use in your car or truck if necessary. Affect the engine oil seasonally as recommended with your vehicle manual.

5. Air Intake Filter

Check the air filter every two months. Engage a professional technician to change a dirty air filter if necessary.

6. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid should be checked monthly. First remove all dirt from the top of the reservoir before unscrewing the filler cap if it is required to add brake fluid. Add brake fluid suitable for your car. Send your automobile to a qualified technician to determine the system for leaks in the event that you have to top up the brake fluid frequently.

7. Windscreen Washer Fluid

Ensure that the windscreen washer fluid is topped up. As well, wipe the wiper blades with washer fluid with a rag.

8. Battery

All battery cells should be filled to the proper level with distilled water. Look for corroded or loose terminals as well as a cracked case. Check the cables for good condition and connection.

9. Power Steering Fluid

Look at the power steering fluid once per month with the dipstick in the filler cap. If leaks occur, inspect the pump and hose for leaks, and send the automobile to a qualified technician.

10. Fuses

Ensure that you have spare fuses. They must cover every one of the amperage ratings designated about the fuse box lid.

Places to Go for a Quick Weekend Trip

It sometimes just appears like the days drag so on and you purchase stuck inside an unbearable rut. You get up, go to work for several hours, come home, eat, do chores and go to bed. The procedure repeats itself day after day, week after week and every month. your and You spouse, significant other or loved ones probably spend very little time together during the week as a result of all that is going on and maybe you even begin to think that strangers, wondering who that individual is that you just passed in the hallway on your way out the door. When you have reached this point, it really is time for you personally make a getaway and have a quick weekend trip that can recharge your batteries and possess you feeling better.


You could certainly do either of the if that is what your goal is, although a weekend trip like this does not have to be something that costs a lot of money or even takes you someplace miles away. Sometimes it is great to be able to fly off to some exotic place for a couple of days where you may just take a seat on a beach, drinking tropical drinks and watching the tide roll in. Since not everyone can pay for to do this, you might like to think about something that is a little closer to home and more reasonable in price. Look for places that you see being a great place to unwind and relax. If there are actually just two of you, perhaps you want to get away to some type of spa or resort where you can relax, get massages, have quiet dinners, benefit from the just and outdoors be with each other.


There are all types of activities that you might all desire to enjoy if you are searching for a chance to get away with the entire family. For some it could be as simple as getting away to a nearby location where there is an amusement park so that you can have a myriad of family fun. If you live near a larger city, you can all play tourist for the weekend and stay from the city for just two days and discover all of the local sites how the tourists always go to. You may realize that you have never even done some of the tourist things that are right within your backyard.

Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Whether you need to get away towards the beach, a bed and breakfast or on some family adventure at a theme park or camping, it offers you the time to obtain together, blow off some steam and also a good time. When you are good to go you can just help make your plans and reservations, load within the car and head out. If you have a good car that can get you back and forth without any trouble, so if you find that you are in need of a reliable car over what you already have, you may want to check out what is available at a place like When you visit you will see a wide array of new and used cars that can be the perfect vehicle to make use of not just for every day but also for those fun weekend trips that you really wish to take.

4 Series Gran Coupé – 2 sexy 4 words


Johannesburg – As I open the gate and slither BMW’s new 4 Series Gran Coupé into my driveway, the old timer I’ve hired to do a bit of construction work whistles a cat-call through his teeth and asks, “What’s this now?” whilst running a finger over the car’s rear quarter panel and fluttering his eyebrows as if the Beemer’s made some sort of sexual advance toward him.

Here’s a guy who drives a rickety old Fiat Uno panelvan, and remembers BMW’s square era of 3 (small), 5 (medium) and 7 (large) Series models so, after around three minutes of me trying in vain to explain the new Bavarian evens and odds badging strategy, and how this car is basically a slinky four-door version of the two-door version of the normal 3 Series sedan, my man cocks a confused eyebrow, zoots his cordless drill a couple times, and replies: “Sexy…”, before carrying on with whatever I interrupted.

BMW could offer PhD courses in understanding its ever-growing range of cars, so for me to give a detailed explanation of where the 4GC (let’s call it that for short) fits in, could take a very long time and a lot of words. Instead, just know that this is a direct rival for Audi’s A5 Sportback – another sleek take on the traditional saloon-car segment.

The 4GC, like the A5 Sportback, gets a long, fastback tailgate which hinges at the roof, and besides allowing for a much bigger boot aperture, also allows for a sexier (as my builder would say) coupé-like body style. Other than that, this is a normal 3 Series under the skin. Same engines, same chassis, same almost everything.

There are some teensy-weensy differences in front and rear track widths, and for some reason (probably aerodynamics) BMW says the GC accelerates a little quicker than its normal-booted counterpart. But, in truth, it just looks cooler.

The cool looks come at a premium though, and at R743 040 before options, the flagship (until an inevitable M4 version comes along) 435i on test here is priced exactly R98 513 more than its mechanically equivalent 335i counterpart.
IOL mot pic oct3 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 3 But it also costs an eye-watering R743 040, and that is without options.

So, a hundred grand for some extra boot space and some killer styling… Worth it? Only you can answer that.

The 435i’s turbocharged straight six makes it a genuinely fast car. BMW claims 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds, and we almost matched that with a best 5.4sec run at our Gauteng altitude test track. The quarter-mile, for all you drag fanatics, came up in 13.8 seconds. It’s pretty much the same three-litre engine, with the same 225kW and 400Nm it’s had in many 35i-badged Beemers over the past eight years.

Power is delivered in gobs, and at any point in the rev range. Plant your foot from a standstill and the 4GC hikes its britches without hesitation. Flatten the throttle for a high-speed overtake and the turbo instantaneously converts a big gasp of air into forward propulsion.

This superb engine can’t take all the credit, however, as the eight-speed Steptronic gearbox makes the package really sparkle. It may not be as quick and crisp as the dual-clutch DCT unit in the new (and previous) M3, but in this buttery-smooth application, buttery-smooth gear changes are probably better. Still, the transmission’s capable of some performance-enhancing kicks in the backside as it ratchets up and down when in Sports mode.


I purposefully avoided the topic of BMW’s 3 Series Gran Turismo (3GT for short), which is yet another variant built on this current platform, in my earlier rundown of Beemer’s model lineup to avoid confusion. But, it’s an unavoidable subject …
IOL mot pic oct3 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe 4 4 Series Gran Coupe flight deck is typically BMW, which is not a bad thing.

Like the 4GC, the 3GT also gets a coupé-like body style with fastback tailgate hinging at the roof. The silhoutte of these two cars is so similar, that the existence of both makes no sense at all. In truth, the 3GT, with its slightly longer wheelbase, gets more rear legroom and more boot loading capacity than the 4GC, so if it’s purely space you’re after then the Gran Turismo is the winner. It’s also cheaper.

But, put all three models side by side, and the Gran Coupé will likely be the prettiest option in most people’s eyes. Again, with the 4 Series Gran Coupé – the most expensive of the lot – you’re paying for the looks, and only you can decide if it’s worth it – Star Motoring.


BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé

Engine: Three-litre, six-cylinder turbopetrol

Gearbox: Eight-speed automatic

Power: 225kW @ 5800-6400rpm

Torque: 400Nm @ 1200-5000rpm

0-100km/h (claimed): 5.2 seconds

Top speed (claimed): 250km/h

Consumption (claimed): 7.5 litres per 100km

Price: R743 040

Maintenance plan: Five-year/100 000km


Audi A5 Sportback 3.0T quattro (200kW/400Nm) – R671 000

BMW 335i Gran Turismo (225kW/400Nm) – R682 951

New Mazda3 is a decent effort


Since the Japanese brand made the big split from Ford – a partnership which lasted over 30 years until 2010 – it’s been laying low product-wise, perhaps financially shellshocked without joint projects and developmental costs sharing.

But just as it has more than once in its near 100-year history, the marque from Hiroshima has landed on its feet and is busy rebuilding itself and a fresh vehicle lineup under its own, in-house umbrella.

On test here is the new, third-generation Mazda3; one of the first standalone productions to come from Mazda since the break up. Where the previous Mazda3 shared parts and most of its underpinnings with Ford’s Focus, the new one’s a model unto its own. Designed from the ground up under Mazda’s new SkyActiv banner (a term which encompasses new engine, gearbox and chassis tech but also translates to “our own design, not Ford’s”) the latest 3 comes in both hatch and sedan flavours, each with five model derivatives which identically match each other in spec and pricing across both body styles.


Here, though, we’re taste-testing the top 2-litre petrol Astina version in booted sedan guise. It’s clear from the outset that Mazda’s focussed much attention on the 3’s exterior. Compared to the old one its steel skin is stylised in a most dramatic fashion, with all sorts of creases, curves and pleats from nose to tail. It’s indeed a sedan by literal definition, but from a side profile there’s a certain elongated fastback look happening. And it’s a good one.
IOL mot nov26 mazda3 b Our test car was the 2-litre normally-aspirated petrol-engined Astina sedan. Power is adequate rather than exceptional.

But, if the outside’s all wasabi, the inside’s plain rice. Yes, there’s a Mercedes-esque and tablet-like 7” display plonked atop the dash which acts as a colourful interior centrepiece, but other than that it’s fifty shades of black. Black plastic – some high quality and some not so much – dominates the interior from headliner to floor mat. Our test car also featured black leather, which gave a very overcast and moody feel. To be honest, though, I kind of liked it, and it should be easy to clean.


BMW could probably take legal action against a very iDrive inspired infotainment control knob, but at least it makes for easy navigation of a complex series of systems menus. The Astina gets navigation as standard (although it wasn’t working in our test car), and I’m impressed with hi-tech connectivity functions (via cellphone pairing) for internet radio and SMS dictation – although I also struggled to get these features to work properly.

The Astina also comes with a head-up display screen, but I’m sorry to say that it’s a cheesy extra which cheapens the driving experience. The very old-fashioned digital readout projected onto a flimsy flip-up plastic screen is as annoying as it is unnecessary; annoying because it can’t be folded away (but frustatingly does when ignition is off), and unnecessary because it’s positioned exactly 10cm above (I measured) an identical digital readout in the actual instrument cluster.

Comfort is a highlight. The Astina gets eight-way power seats, and they’re excellent at tilting, angling and supporting in all the right places. Seating position in relation to the wheel, pedals and controls is also well planned. Good ergonomics in other words.

Space is also good. The sedan’s boot can gobble 408 litres of cargo (100 more than the hatch) and that’s with a space-saver spare under its floor. Rear seats will accommodate most human frames with decent leg-stretching room, but that sloping roofline might invade head space for taller passengers.
IOL mot nov26 mazda3 c Black plastic dominates the cabin from headliner to floor mat.


All Mazda3s also get a multi-link rear suspension setup which does wonders for bump soaking. Great ride quality.

It’s interesting, however, that Mazda has laughed off turbo tech for its new SkyActiv petrol engines, opting instead for some unconventional techniques in the hunt for efficiency. A complex exhaust manifold together with fancy hollowed-out pistons and an insanely high (for a naturally-aspirated motor) compression ratio of 14:1 offer up an average fuel consumption of 5.9 litres/100km according to its maker. Our real world figure, at reef altitude, was 8.5. Not bad. Not fantastic.

Power isn’t fantastic either. Mazda quotes 121kW/210Nm, which seems realistic but without a turbo to compensate for oxygen deficiencies this 2-litre gets out of breath quickly. It’s also a little too noisy when exercised beyond a jog, probably as a result of high compression, and it comes across as unrefined at times. An old-school torque-converter style six-speed auto gearbox doesn’t help either and frequent gear kickdowns antagonise the buzzy motor.

At R326 300 the flagship Astina’s not cheap. Standard features include leather, keyless ignition and go, rain-sensing wipers, a blind-spot monitoring system, parking sensors and a sweet nine-speaker Bose stereo, which is impressive, but at this price the top Mazda3 is encroaching on some well-established competition such as VW’s Jetta, Opel’s Astra and Toyota’s Corolla. A tall ask.


Considering its current circumstances, Mazda’s done a fine job re-launching its midsize Mazda3. Packaging, in terms of aesthetics and features, is right on par with market rivals but I fear its drivetrain might be a little outdated compared to ultra-modern gearbox and turbopetrol technology. Lesser priced Original, Active and Dynamic Mazda3 models with fewer creature comforts, manual gearboxes and smaller engines, are probably better propositions.

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Mazda3 sedan 2.0 Astina

Engine: 2-litre, four-cylinder petrol

Gearbox: Six-speed automatic

Power: 121kW @ 6000rpm

Torque: 210Nm @ 4000rpm

0-100km/h (claimed): 10.4 seconds

Top speed (claimed): 195km/h

Consumption (claimed): 5.8 litres per 100km

Price: R326 300

Warranty: Three-year/unlimited km

Service plan: Three-year/unlimited km


Ford Focus sedan 2.0 Trend AT (125kW/202Nm) – R292 900

Kia Cerato sedan 2.0 SX AT (118kW/194Nm) – R322 995

Opel Astra sedan 1.6T Cosmo (132kW/266Nm) – R302 500

VW Jetta 1.4 TSI Highline (118kW/240Nm) – R331 900

Exude Greatness Even if You are Not Great At All

The one thing that tangibly separates a wealthy person from your scrub is the way they conduct their life. When you’re still flat broke, you gaze and act and dress the part, so then everyone around you knows that you are still at total failure. Whenever you go home for the holidays, your loved ones feels great shame upon your arrival. You exude loserdom at each given moment. Why do you do that? In order to attract success, the trick would be to appear more lucrative than you are. You’ll be amazed how well that works, so start acting much like the person you need to be, to enable you to actually become that person. It’s sort of like tricking the universe into giving you what you would like, it’s called manifestation.

Drive a Nice Looking But Inexpensive Car


One thing that you can do to easily appear more well off or successful is to drive a car that doesn’t totally stink. When your car is much more than several years old, you exude feelings of being a pathetic lump which may as well are now living in your grandmother’s basement, without having windows, spotty local tv reception, and empty bags of plain potato chips all over you. Crumbs, too. So, stop that – drive something that is affordable but that looks nice. The perfect example is a Kia. Just take a look Look how cheap they can be, and look at how they actually look like normal cars. Sure, if someone looks closely, or gets in one, you are able to tell they’re really cheap and flimsy, but externally they will look like a great vehicle. Start pricing one today at



What’s one thing that makes the truly rich stand out from the truly poor? A fantastic watch, is the thing that. It’s the best accessory, since we all have time pieces on our phones these days. A good watch shows the world that you care about these little accessories more than convenience. When you wear a fancy watch, you show the little people that they best get out of towards you. But you obviously cannot afford an incredibly nice watch, which is why the arrival of Faux-Lexes is the best. You will get one for $5 on the streets of New York. Who cares that they don’t keep totally accurate time – they really do work pretty well, and they’ll look fantastic. If someone can notice that it’s not real, most people won’t even notice, it’ll just be a subtle sort of reminder of your greatness, that you may not actually have, and in many cases.

Smile at the Little People


One thing you can do is just condescendingly smile at the people who are your equals, but you want to be your subordinates. Call the Starbucks person “”dear”” and also other such condescending things. If you act holier than thou, you may actually be perceived as holier than them. And that will help you with your conquest for being a better person than others.

VW Caravelle: the motorised Labrador


We’ve had this Caravelle in our fleet here at Motoring since July and in this time our team has racked up 15 000km of office commuting, house moving, airport shuttling and long-distance vacationing. Recently editor Droppa impressively transported a washing machine in its upright position, and I’ve even laid a tarp down inside its 5.8 cubic metre hold (with seats out) and fetched 25 square metres of grass from one of those particular side-of-the-road turf dealers. Rarely has a Friday come upon us when one of our team hasn’t requested the Caravelle’s keys for some sort of weekend project.


Of course the bus was a hot commodity across the December holiday period, and whenever a boys-only fishing weekend was proposed I knew our long-termer was your vehicle of choice for whisking five okes and a Venter trailer loaded with supplies up to the great Matlabas River near Thabazimbi. The space this van offers is incredible, along with two dudes up front and three stretched out in the second and third rows, the four hour journey from Jozi was quite pleasant. More pleasant than it could have been in, say, a single-cab bakkie or something more confined.

On a trip like this many of them can be appreciated just that bit more, though we’ve become very familiar with all of the Caravelle’s handy little extra features in the last few months. Especially useful is definitely the rear-seating area’s independent climate-control system that allows for those at the front and those inside the back to set temperature and fan settings to individual liking. We also like that there are three 12 volt sockets which allowed us to power up two cellphone chargers and a refrigerated cooler box all at once.


IOL mot jan22 long term caravelle b Getting the gearstick attached to the fascia provides walk-through room in the front seats to the rear.

Things Volkswagen could improve upon? Yes, there are a few. First, the van’s massive rear door is way too big and too heavy to swing upward. You’ll need to ensure there’s space for it to finish its huge arc unencumbered by walls, other cars or small kids who could be easily wiped out by its powerful sweep. I can’t imagine some small-framed moms leaping up and pulling it down every time they must close the boot. An optional side-hinged barn door, like that for sale in the Caddy van, will be useful, even though big tailgate does result in a nice afdak for baiting hooks whenever it starts to drizzle on said fishing trips.

I’ve also found that the Caravelle’s driver window sometimes opens when I pull the switch closed, and the ignition tumbler has become a little wonky over time. On a few occasions I’ve managed to find the key out while the switch is still in its accessory position, meaning that radio and lights stay on.

I reckon VW could re-design these seats being more convenient in the future models, though we love the versatile seating arrangement behind and at some point we swivelled the middle row to face outward and drove around a Thabazimbi hunting farm together with the sliding side doors open in luxurious almost al fresco game viewer spec. We’re fully aware that this leather-lined seven seater isn’t intended for easy cargo van conversion, however if the seats were lighter and incorporated some kind of carrying handles, their removal could be a lesser task.


Top Caravelle models, as opposed to lesser Kombi and Panel Van versions, are fitted with the exact same bi-turbo 2-litre diesel as being the Amarok bakkie and we’re more than pleased with its performance. I can’t ignore there is some turbolag on pulloff, but once moving the 132kW and 400Nm on offer lug this van around with little effort. I’d also fully recommend spending the extra R18 500 to obtain the seven-speed DSG auto gearbox option. A huge 2.1-ton box like this is just much more relaxing to operate a vehicle without manual gearchanges.

Given its weight we’re impressed with an average diesel consumption of just over 9 litres per 100km, and out on the open road it’s even less. And in many cases with Venter in tow it averaged just over 8l/100km, i reset the trip computer before our Thaba trek. Excellent.

We’ll most definitely miss the Caravelle when it’s gone. It’s become part of the family here, and we’ve been spoiled by its versatility and space. It’s truly a trusty companion in motoring. -Star Motoring


VW Caravelle 2. BiTDI AT

Engine: 2-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel

Gearbox: Seven-speed DSG

Power: 132kW @ 4000rpm

Torque: 400Nm @ 1500-2000rpm

-100km/h (claimed): 11.3 seconds

Top speed (claimed): 191km/h

Consumption (claimed): 8.1 litres per 100km

Price: R673 900

Warranty: Three-year/120 000km

Maintenance plan: Five-year/60 000km